iWebb Inc, announced it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire “Coinfield

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The Coinfield exchange is rated “A” which means “Transparent.” Out of 440 exchanges, they are ranked #25 by transparency and volume. and fully regulated as a Crypto Exchange, in Estonia, in the European Union and operating in a high growth industry vertical, trading Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies, using liquidity providers including Kraken, Binance and Bitrex with over 200,000 registered users in 2021.

Coinfield’s top daily traded paIrings are BTC, XRP, and ETH.

Transaction was negotiated for IWEB by their Business Development Partners Global Fintech Holdings Limited.

About Coinfield see

  • Established in 2018, the Coinfield is a regulated Crypto exchange operating from Canada and Estonia.

  • The Company conducts business on a global basis and is fully regulated in key markets and operates in over 193 countries.

  • The Company has 206,112 registered users and growing – monthly.

  • Current daily trading volume in absolute terms averages $90-100m with 40,0000+ daily trades executed and monthly trading volume of up to $2.5 billion.

  • $81.4M USD in total deposits of Fiat & Crypto in 2020, About $23.6M USD deposits in fiat and crypto end of 1st Q,21.

  • The average trading volume per active user in 2021 is $30K USD.

  • The Company is continually ranked as a top #25 crypto exchange as ranked on Nomics, a recognized industry leader in global crypto data.

  • See

Crypto Market Overview

  • Global investable assets $120T vs $1.53 T currently in crypto.

  • Market Capitalization Expected to Grow 8X with CAGR 72.15%

  • Traditional financial systems and offerings are expensive, slow and outdated.

  • Daily global trading volumes continue to increase, currently $109 B+ and are only going to increase exponentially as more institutions and corporations adopt crypto currencies with the most recent news that Amazons Jeff Bezos is exploring Amazon payments in Crypto, an event that will have positive implications and be a huge endorsement of Crypto Currencies.

And Bitcoin continues to outpace Gold as the graph below reflects.

Bitcoin continues to outperform gold by a significant margin. | Chart via BuyBitcoinWorldwide


About iWEB

IWEB, Inc., is a technology development and services company, provides coding services in various industries and markets primarily in Thailand. The company focuses on image, audio, web, and security coding technologies. Its technology enables governments and enterprises to imbed or imprint invisible digital identities to media and objects. The company’s coding technology provides the means to infuse persistent digital information to computers and digital devices into various forms of media content; and permits smartphones, tablets, industrial scanners, and other computer interfaces to identify relevant data from media content.

IWEB, Inc. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand for additional information visit :

About Global Fintech Trading Limited

A group specialising in Institutional Financial, Fntech and Crypto who are to develop acquisition and investment opportunities in these fields. This is on a Global basis with their International team

See –

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