About Us

“Global Fintech Trading has established itself as a  partner of choice for high growth fintech companies,  providing a platform to scale globally and become  market leaders"
Richard Samuel, Chairman


Global Fintech Trading is a private company engaged in arranging and financing Fintech related acquisitions and investments on a global basis. To date, GFT has made capital investments in excess of $1B across various asset classes in both public and private companies.


Our team of operators, investors and technical experts  puts us in a strong position to identify these  opportunities and provide wall street investors an  opportunity to participate in this fast growing market,  whilst also providing a regulated, reliable and  trustworthy business.

Global Fintech Trading has recently announced the merger and capital raising in connection with Tingo Inc and IWeb Inc on the OTCQB markets. Combined, I WEBB, to be re branded TINGO, will have a valuation in excess of $4 billion market capitalization, and will seek further acquisitions. GFT has also successfully invested in a globally regulated crypt exchange, Coinfield. 


- Paul Cook
“Global Fintech Trading is the chosen Partner to management teams disrupting traditional financial markets.”